Ben Markowitz is a UX designer at Intridea and he has created a font for people who want to make Inforgraphics but may not have the designer’s skill to make a Reddit worthy post. The font is called Stately and it is available for free. The symbol font is easy to use with basic HTML and CSS skills. With a few lines of code, you can have an entire map of the United States with each state being customizable. Best of all, because it is a font, Stately can build you a map any size you want and never appear out of focus.

Markowitz told FastCompany he initially started with the 13 American colonies, but after seeing how well the fonts lined up, he continued all the way to the Pacific.

If more designers pick up where Markowitz left off to create font maps of other countries, it could be possible to create a dynamic map of the world with a few lines of code.

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