While I’d never be able to make any sort of living off of golf, I love the game. And this weekend is the British Open. Adidas and TaylorMade make the best golf gear, in my opinion, but this isn’t a post about how much I love golf. It’s about Adidas marketing their line of Gore-Tex Golf Clothes in an awesome way. Check out this video:

If there is one thing I learned about playing golf, it’s that companies love to tell you that their product is the best and will make your game better. This time Adidas went one step further and built a simulator to prove their Gore-Tex clothing line is better. Granted both Dustin Johnson and Martin Laird are decked out in $550 worth of digs, this simulator is a great use of marketing tactics to build buzz.

The combination of exciting, random weather events,  and superior performance golf, creates a lasting guerrilla marketing campaign for Adidas that other companies cannot match.

h/t to BroBible